About Game and Party

The Game and Party group is a Board Game Media company with a Podcast and a YouTube channel. Our goal is to share our love of gaming with everyone and grow the board game community.  We also post our latest gaming pictures on Instagram and you can reach us on Twitter.  If you are in the Jacksonville Florida area, join our meetup group and come game with us.

Mike Davis – Founder

I played a lot of board games as a child and loved gaming. I owned more board games than video games. I always had trouble finding people to game with at a young age. I started a meetup group in the North East Florida area to bring people together to game. I am in shock at how much it has grown and all of the great people I have met that I now call friend. Now I am striving to grow our podcast and YouTube channel to grow this hobby even more. I love strategy games like Scythe and Istanbul. I also enjoy party games like Crosstalk and Times up.

Erica Reinsel – Podcast Host

I love playing games and would game all day every day, if I could. My family played tons of “standard” board and card games growing up, then my friend blew my mind by introducing me to The Settlers of Catan. My favorite games are heavy economic games, and my current #1 is Brass: Birmingham.

Charlie Cordova – Podcast Host

Charlie’s message coming soon…

Doug Dinneen – Podcast Host

Doug’s message coming soon…

We are passionate about Board Games and want to share our love with everyone!

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