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to the Game & Party Convention!

Mike Davis
Founder, Game & Party LLC

Game & Party’s Board Game Convention grew out a love of board gaming in Jacksonville, FL. We have spent the last decade growing a board gaming community with our meetup group and continuously being involved in board gaming scene in North East Florida and the surrounding areas. After much discussion with our members and friends we decided to put on a gaming convention in Jacksonville, FL. We hope to share a wide variety of tabletop games, promote this enjoyable hobby to the larger community, support local games retailers, support publishers, and benefit the general community. We also had discussions involving gamers, retailers, vendors, publishers, charities, and convention organizers. The result is the variety of gaming opportunities presented for you to enjoy. We decided to partner with a convention general manager, Monica Rasso, and had a very successful first year with her expertise.

The positive responses from the first Game & Party convention blows us away. Most attendees express how much fun they had, how many different games they could play, and how relaxed the convention felt. We plan more gaming opportunities for each year, and have worked hard to make improvements and ever strive to provide the best experience our attendees can discover.

On behalf of our convention partners, volunteers, con staff, supporting and participating retailers we wish you an enjoyable three days of gaming and fun with some amazing people.

Relax, have a great time, and enjoy the Hot Game and the Cold Drinks.


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